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can not do this alone

your artwork is very generic, but as a contradiction to that, has some interesting sides to it. The manga style, lose it and be creative, however, the general tone that the artwork gave was very well done due to some clever shading, but i cant quite put my finger on it.
However, the animation was terribad. You can draw bearable art, and your storyline is fairly above average (not that that means anything tho) but your way of putting it together is bad. And the song didn't stop at the end of the animation; the programing was lacking.

as for the sound, the song was indeed all that was required here. There was obv no need for Sound effects or speech. However i do believe that the climax of the song could be timed better, but that might just be me.

All in all, you, like most people, have potential, but you must know that you are not an animator if u can draw. Do everything in FBF or find another person to help you animate.


this is like super epic!! :O
generic band with prolly worlds most overused song: cliche chords, unoriginal singing voice and re-occurring lyrics!
and all this combined with stolen animations, simplistic sprites and unfunny old overused jokes :'D

(@ all u n00bs, this is sarcastic >_>')

PaperBat responds:

I Know its Epic
Stolen animations, lol, they all belong to Me and Connor
Simplictic? Its not the best, but its hardly simplistic
And i would love for you to point out where the overused jokes are, there isnt any Jokes in this to begin with xD

I Dont think you know what a Demo Reel is :)


wooo, someone needs a life here @_@ (and its not me, i checked XP)

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i fell a fair distance and then my stereotype racist blob got its head stuck in the ground.. (ha-ha-ha VERY ironic) is that penalty for falling, or was that a bug, or do you like racist jokes?

besides that, it seems to replicate the game quite well. The tone set is also quite clear and done well. as for the game play, well the music drove me insane before i could get anywhere. A bit too happy for my taste.
Besides the controls were too much trouble to get used to.


1. This game doesn't train anything, it habituates :P By that i mean it doesn't teach us anything, or make us smarter, but instead it tells us how to cope with certain posed questions. There's a set amount of questions for each 'subject' and each level, and if you just try that subject a few times you'll know where to look, and you wont become better at what mental arithmetic (for instance) but instead you remember witch one to click. That doesn't make us smarter, it just makes us better at doing that test.
A solution to that would be adding a 'random generator' to the puzzles, instead of having like 10 preset ones.

2. It is very superficial; ultimately it will only test one subject. People will find one puzzle at witch they are good, and only do that one.
A solution to that could be to add a rule that you can only do a certain puzzle a few times for each level, or that you have to have tried all the puzzles every level before you advance.

3. the odd-mental out puzzle is badly made. Some time into the game, some of the preset puzzles where impossible and some where offensively easy. Like 3of em wear a green shirt, and one where's a black shirt... you don't have to be an Einstein to figure that one out, in contrast to be able to see that the professor's eye/ manacle twirls around in the opposite direction does take some time and examination.... And loads of other puzzles
As a solution to that, i'm not to sure, but i think that maybe you should balance it out a bit more.

4. Don't call the guides 'Mentals' :P "hi, I'm Patrick and I'm mental" and we are supposed to learn from them?

Since the level you reach depends on how much time you put into this, in the end, this does not enhance mental capabilities, but merely tests one's level of boredom...

the levels,

The game itself is awesome :P i had lots of fun playing both versions of Doodle Defender (not that its rly a defence game :P) anyway, the level desighn is right of the bat boring... (even if its called doodle defender) and by randomly adding mines to add varation is not a good idea, because that makes some levels unpassable...
And if then the shop also happens to be 'closed' then your bound to die...
Yes, this could be good because it makes sure you cant keep playing forever and makes an end to your own streak, but not in a fun way.
Up to the point where i had to die, i kept seeing new enemy's show up, and that they where faster stronger and more dangerous, so they should be the limit to one's game, because that is somehow related to 'skill' and if you die like that its your own fault, and that is what the gamer wants, is it not? to test one's skill (or just have fun ofc :P)

so, to sum it up, random mines are not a good idea because of the unpassable levels, in my opinion.

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yes :D


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